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16 February, 2021

Operating for over 20 years, FoodByUs Supplier CP Blossom specialises in providing packaging products and solutions to thousands of loyal customers across the Greater Sydney region. Although CP Blossom’s main area of expertise lies within the food and beverage industry, their products and services are sought by various industries including retailers, hotels, grocery stores, cleaning companies and pharmacies.


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Packaging products and solutions provider for foodservice venues in the Greater Sydney Region. Find an extensive range of packaging and cleaning products in a variety of quality, size, material and price options.

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Beyond their extensive product range however, it’s their industry knowledge, experience and understanding of a venue’s needs when it comes to packaging that has grown CP Blossom’s following of loyal clients beyond the foodservice industry. CP Blossom works with each venue to provide tailored products that go beyond just packaging by providing custom designs, reliable and fast delivery that works with a venue’s schedule, reliable customer service and accommodates for special requests of all shapes and sizes - all at cost-effective, competitive rates.


Plastic, Paper and Eco-friendly wholesale food packaging offered by CP Blossom, a FoodByUs Supplier


Product range

With almost 500 products on their FoodByUs store, CP Blossom’s extensive product range covers a variety of packaging and cleaning products. Their packaging solutions include cartons, bowls, takeaway bags and containers, aluminium foil, trays and pads, cups, straws and cutlery sets. To accommodate for each venue’s various needs, their product lines include:

High quality and sturdy deep red sushi bento boxes and wholesale cleaning wipes by FoodByUs Supplier, CP Blossom


CP Blossom’s goal is to provide quality products that meet the needs of each of their customers.

Cleaning products including a spray and wipe sanitiser and all purpose sanitiser concentrate for foodservice venues by FoodByUs Supplier, CP Blossom


If you’re after sustainable and environmentally friendly packaging options for your venue, CP Blossom has a vast range of biodegradable and eco-friendly product options to suit you. CP Blossom works in collaboration with key providers of both local and international suppliers to offer the latest in environmentally friendly packaging products at cost-effective rates.
Eco-friendly and environmentally friendly food packaging range offered by FoodByUs Supplier, CP Blossom. Cups and bowls of various sizes.Although plastic is the most popular product line amongst customers, CP Blossom has noticed a growing increase in requests for paper and biodegradable packaging out of growing environmental consciousness. Aside from paper, they also offer bamboo, Biocane, sugarcane packaging and more as part of their Eco-range.

Eco-friendly cutlery including wooden sporks, knives and spoons offered by FoodByUs Supplier, CP Blossom

Custom Designs

CP Blossom makes the custom design process as easy as possible and provides custom solutions to suit your needs.

Whether you’re after branded cutlery, takeaway bags, napkins, coffee cups or more to make your venue stand out from the rest, it’s possible to display your venue’s logo or branding on almost any kind of packaging product. You can display small logos, as well as have full-cover packaging. Simply send in your own design to CP Blossom’s friendly customer service team, and they’ll handle the to ensure you achieve the results you want at a price point that will fit your needs.

Custom designed products take just 6-8 weeks to be delivered to your venue. Some products have a 30k minimum order quantity to be approved for custom designs, however the volume will depend on what type of product you choose.

Custom design examples created for customers of CP blossom



CP Blossom is the packaging company of choice for many Asian food venues in the Greater Sydney region as they provide specialised products that are perfect for Asian restaurants and cafes.

Aside from wooden chopsticks, their chopsticks offering includes materials such as bamboo and charcoal bamboo, at a range of quality options.

Chopsticks made of various materials by FoodByUs Supplier, CP Blossom

Whether your priority lies in price, quality or both, CP Blossom offers a variety of cutlery sets so you can find what best fits your venue. A standard cutlery set includes a spoon, fork, knife and napkin and is offered in both wooden and plastic options. You can also find more unique options that stand out amongst the more common cutlery sets. CP Blossom offers a 4-in-1 set that provides a more unique and tailored experience for customers and is perfect for Asian cuisine takeaways: find wooden chopsticks, a study plastic spoon, toothpick and napkin.

4 in 1 cutlery set which includes wooden chopsticks, a black plastic spoon, mini napkin and individually wrapped toothpick by FoodByUs Supplier, CP Blossom
CP Blossom’s container bowls come in every shape, size and material and are one of their most popular items amongst Asian restaurants which offer hot soup options. Using high quality plastic and tight-seal lids, their bowls are guaranteed to be safe, spill-proof options and so are commonly used for takeaway or delivery options for malatang, pho and other high-temperature dishes.

Various plastic bowls of different sizes, appropriate for hot food items and Asian cuisine dishes by FoodByUs Supplier, CP Blossom


Can’t find what you’re looking for? CP Blossom can help. CP Blossom works with various local and international factories and manufacturers to produce and find the products you’re after. A CP Blossom team member tells us, “a customer recently came to us looking for individually wrapped spoons. We didn’t have the product at the time, but we contacted our overseas suppliers to find the right product for them.”

“You don’t have to make a big order to make a special request. If you’re our regular customer, it’s fine! We’re happy to do it for our customers.”

Toilet roll dispenser in packaging by FoodByUs Supplier, CP Blossom

Toilet roll dispensers and hand sanitiser dispensers as requested by previous customers have now become a regular product available for all their customers.

A look at FoodByUs Supplier, CP Blossom's warehouse located in Alexandria



With over 500 products on their FoodByUs store, it can be hard to decide which products will be best for you. CP Blossom’s warehouse located in Alexandria is open to public visitors, so that customers can see products for themselves and purchase small size samples to find the right products that are perfect for their venue. Once you find a product you like, it’s easy to make an order online through their FoodByUs store.

FoodByUs Supplier, CP Blossom's range showcasing plastic, wooden, paper and biocane packaging materials

With CP Blossom’s extensive packaging and cleaning product range that’s offered in a range of quality, material and price options, any restaurant, cafe or foodservice venue is bound to find whatever they’re
 looking for at CP Blossom. Not only does CP Blossom offer low minimum orders, but they deliver 5 days a week using their own delivery trucks, meaning their customers get more personalised, easier to organise time slots.

Check out CP Blossom’s full range of products at FoodByUs here.



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