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4 November, 2020

From their humble roots as a nut packaging and supplying business founded by two brothers, FoodLink has seen tremendous growth over the past 2 decades of being in operation. Now one of the largest wholesale food distributors in the Greater Sydney Region, FoodLink’s extensive range includes frozen, chilled, dairy, dry goods, packaging and cleaning products, serving over 4500 customers from clubs, hotels and restaurants to large-scale catering companies and airlines.


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One of the largest wholesale food distributors in the Greater Sydney Region, specialising in seafood while offering a great range of dry goods and more at highly competitive prices.

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Despite their transformation into a wholesale food supply giant, FoodLink does not compromise on quality, whether it comes to product or service, and this can be attributed to their ongoing success. FoodLink continues to remain as a family-owned and operated business and has consistently stayed true to their word of committing to customer satisfaction, reliability and sustainability. 

3 Reasons to use foodlink

1. Supersized warehouse = HUGE STOCK QUANTITIES

Located in Kingsgrove NSW, FoodLink’s state-of-the-art facility is 170,000sqm in size, equivalent to almost 6 ANZ stadiums in size. The warehouse section for dry goods alone has a maximum holding capacity of 3000 pallets, while the chilled section holds 800 pallets and the freezer holds 2500.


FoodByUs Supplier, FoodLink has a huge warehouse, able to stock thousands of products across a range of categories.

uhuuhTo manage the high volume of orders daily, FoodLink has over 200 employees who work round the clock, 6 days a week with the first shifts starting at 7pm. 54 FoodLink trucks leave the facility at 4am every morning, making deliveries to venues all around the Greater Sydney Region. Every day is a big and busy day at FoodLink, but thanks to their continuous efforts in streamlining and perfecting their operations, all orders are managed with care and precision in the most efficient way possible.

FoodByUs Supplier, FoodLink has over 50 trucks delivering wholesale food supplies to food venues all around the Greater Sydney Region


2. Seafood experts

Although FoodLink offers an extensive range of products including Frozen, Chilled and Dairy goods, their largest and most successful category is Seafood. FoodLink prides themselves of their diverse and extensive selection of fresh seafood, guaranteed at only the best quality.


Buy high quality seafood from FoodLink on FoodByUs

Their warehouse processes 10 tonnes of Salmon alone every single week. Another popular option, Barramundi, processes about 4-5 tonnes worth weekly. Despite the extraordinary amount of seafood that is processed in their facility, they ensure that all seafood is processed inside their own FoodLink facility. The reason for this is simple; “it’s all about the freshness,” Jim Sayegh, General Manager at FoodLink tells us on our visit to their warehouse.

FoodLink goes to the fish market every single morning, meaning they only provide only the highest quality seafood products and a shorter distribution channel, a key aspect in providing fresh produce that will stay fresh by the time an order is delivered.

Aside from Seafood, buyers are likely to find just about anything they need thanks to FoodLink’s extensive product range. FoodLink believes their product range completes the largest, most cost effective, and diverse range offered in the Greater Sydney Region. Their goods cover both local and international markets, providing products from Italy, India, China, Korea, Japan and more. 

FoodLink took FoodByUs on a tour of their warehouse


3. state of the art machinery

An important aspect of streamlining their operations is investing in machinery that not only saves time and effort, but reduces waste and guarantees zero mistakes when handling orders.

Their Portioning Machine ensures they remain sustainable to reduce waste while delivering orders at top speed. Through programming, the machine recognises and portions different fish to size, cutting to the exact size or weight of the portion required and can produce approximately 3500 portions in just 1.5 hours.

Other machines include their Packing Machine, which packs and vacuum seals any type of food to completely remove all air to ensure maximum freshness for the customer by the time they receive their order.

FoodByUs Supplier, FoodLink uses a variety of machinery to improve their process



General Manager, Jim tells us when it comes to certifications for FoodLink: “we tick all the boxes.” Any food service certification you can think of, FoodLink is likely to have it as industry certifications are of critical importance for them. It’s one of the major ways the wholesale food supplier demonstrates their commitment to the highest level of foodservice industry standards, and builds trust with their customers to give them peace of mind about the products they receive.”

“The first thing people ask (when deciding to work with us) are what certifications do we have? Especially the bigger places need to know everything, all about traceability and where the food is coming from.”

FoodByUs Supplier, FoodLink is MSC certifiedFoodLink is SCS certifiedFoodLink is HACCP certifiedFoodLink is a wholesale food supplier with HACCP certification


FoodLink is HACCP certified, an internationally recognised system which is known for its difficulty due to its rigorous certification process and is not a mandatory requirement for Australian foodservice businesses. However, HACCP is just one of many certifications that FoodLink are not only proud of, but believe it is a basic necessity to have.

FoodLink also partners with the Marine Stewardship council (MSC) and is the first seafood wholesale distributor in Sydney with certification from the MSC.


What is MSC?

The Marine Stewardship Council is an international non-profit on a mission to end overfishing and restore fish stocks for future generations. The council holds several benchmarks including:

• MSC Fisheries Standard:
An internationally recognised, benchmark that allows fisheries to have their sustainability assessed on three criteria: healthy fish populations, habitat impact and effective management.

• MSC Chain of Custody Standard:
Provides assurance along the supply chain that products can be traced back to an MSC certified sustainable fishery.

While a range of schemes are available to check the validity of sustainable fishers, the Marine Stewardship Council scheme is arguably the most widely used and recognised.


Sustainability is a Responsibility


The MSC certification has created an honesty system that allows chefs to be able to source sustainable seafood with confidence and know exactly where their products come from.


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“We supply Shangri-La, Four Seasons, Park Hyatt, Grand Regency, airlines, pubs, clubs, hotels, small cafe's and larger businesses. We're now finding that there’s a very large demand for certified sustainable seafood. Chefs are asking more specific questions which means the end consumer is asking questions too.

The way that Foodlink has adapted its strategy with the MSC is we have provided pure transparency in what we're doing. Our codes are setup in our system in a way that it can't be altered.”

- Julian Halfacree

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Former employee at FoodLink at Fine Food Australia show, 2019


Waste management

Conscious of their garbage waste and to ensure they are a sustainable business, FoodLink have put new systems in place to take practical steps to reduce their ecological footprint. Their goal is to decrease the amount of waste they output by 75% within the next 12 months, and this marks a significant move by the company. Nothing gets thrown out into the garbage at FoodLink, whether it be packaging or food waste. All waste is recycled or repurposed.

All packaging is made from recyclable materials, including non-waxed boxes, and recycled after use.

When it comes to FoodLink’s largest specialty, Seafood, there are 2-3 tonnes of just seafood waste alone every single day. This seafood waste is collected and sent to pet food manufacturers in the region.


FoodLink is a wholesale food supplier that is conscious of their waste management


Consider Foodlink for all your Dry Goods and Seafood needs - they are a broadline supplier that are also experts in the freshest seafood you will ever find. With an armada of trucks and top service, you can rely on Foodlink to service your hospitality venue - no matter how big or small.


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