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11 January, 2021

With over 130 years of experience under their belt, Dick Stone has become one of the most trusted suppliers in the wholesale meat industry, servicing meat to some of Australia’s finest restaurants, hotels, clubs institutions, supermarkets and other meat suppliers.

Dick Stone is a quality meat supplier in Sydney

Dick Stone’s commitment to provide quality in both service and product has remained unwavering in their growth journey from a small butcher shop in Rockdale in 1887 to now one of Sydney’s largest meat wholesalers and food service organisations. As Sydney’s oldest meat wholesale company, they’ve set several key milestones for the wholesale meat industry including the introduction of refrigeration within butcher shops, installation of feedlots and becoming the first cattle grower to introduce grain-fed beef into Australia.


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One of the largest food service operators in the Greater Sydney Region, offering high-quality meat and poultry products at various cuts, volumes and quality grades. Find free range, organic, grass fed, grain fed, halal meat and more.

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Award winning meat

Dick Stone is known for supplying only the finest quality of meat, boasting several prizes and certificates of excellence. A well-recognised name at the Sydney Royal Fine Food Show, Dick Stone not only holds several gold, silver and bronze awards for the show’s meat and deli meat competitions, but are proud 2010 champions for Thin Chicken and Tarragon Sausage.

Award winning Sydney wholesale butcher, Dick Stone


In 2015 Dick Stone’s associated group, Melrina Pty Ltd, partnered with Teys Australia, Australia’s second largest meat processor and exporter, allowing for an even greater supply of high-quality meat products than ever before. This has enabled Dick Stone’s leading reputation to remain unrivalled in their guarantee for diverse and consistent products, year-round availability, affordable prices and timely distribution and this is vouched for by their loyal customers.

Dick Stone provides quality packaged meat to wholesale venues in Greater Sydney


Dick Stone’s state of the art processing and cold storage facility located in Regents Park has a boning room, foodservice operation area, portion control area and a 300 pallet chiller, 900 pallet freezer and blast freeze area of around 80 pallets to maintain consistent stock levels year-round despite seasonal conditions and market fluctuations.


Dick Stone has a huge warehouse capacity for their meat

Fully certified

Dick Stone’s supersized facility has received an A+ accreditation by AUSMEAT for quality assurance. Furthermore, Dick Stone is HACCP certified, is licensed by the NSW Food Authority and holds a Halal certificate.

Dick Stone is a Halal certified wholesale meat supplier

Dick Stone is a HACCP certified wholesale meat provider









Dick Stone's range offers an extensive variety of meat options within chilled and frozen meat and poultry, game products and more, to fit the needs of all types of customers and venues. Customers can choose from various cuts and quality grades and can also request customised volume patties if needed.


Find a variety of meat cut and volume options from Dick Stone, on FoodByUs

Aside from cut and quality options, customers are given an ever greater selection as their range includes free range, organic, grass fed and grain fed beef from various breeds, and halal meat options as well.

Wholesale meat supplier Dick Stone on FoodByUs

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Looking for a quality meat supplier in Sydney? Not only does Dick Stone have years of experience under their belt and several awards to their name, but their consistency in both quality products and services are vouched for by thousands of venues, from some of Australia’s most loved dining destinations to smaller venues, across Greater Sydney.

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