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30 November, 2020

The wholesale food industry has come a long way, but the process of ordering wholesale food for restaurants and cafes is still far from being simple for most business owners and chefs. 

From choosing between big-scale national wholesale food suppliers, processors and manufacturers to directly sourcing from farms, and the many categories existing within the food industry, you have a lot of options to choose from when selecting a supplier for your own venue. The downside? There’s so many options to choose between!  it’s easy to get overwhelmed  or lost amidst the process. 


Thousands of food venues across Sydney, Melbourne and Brisbane use FoodByUs

To add more to the matter, finding a reliable supplier that you can trust with consistent service, quality and price is only the beginning.

Checking for certain certifications, filling individual credit applications per supplier and adapting to the multiple methods of ordering requested by each supplier (call, text, email or use this app!) each time you want to make an order drains both time and energy - two key things that venue owners already don’t have enough of. 




The simple solution

Used by over 1000 venues across Sydney, Melbourne and Brisbane, FoodByUs is an online platform where restaurants and other foodservice venues can order from several wholesale suppliers at once. Hundreds of suppliers and thousands of products across 13 categories are available in one convenient place and accessible with just the click of a button.


The FoodByUs platform makes it easy to search across thousands of products and hundreds of suppliers, all in one place.


Not only does this mean you wave goodbye to ringing up suppliers one by one, but you can now explore your options in choosing a supplier and compare prices for the same product across the multiple suppliers. What’s more, FoodByUs offers free tools such as detailed cost reporting so you get total control and visibility over your food costs.

The best part? It’s 100% free, with zero credit applications required.

Save money 

Thanks to FoodByUs’ wide range of connections within the food industry, FoodByUs is able to negotiate better pricing than any individual venue or chain could do themselves. These savings are then passed onto their buyers. 

FoodByUs is so confident about their pricing that they offer a Price Beat Guarantee: if they can’t source your products for cheaper than what you’re paying now, they’ll give you $50.

From fruit and vegetables, dry goods to even seafood, find all you need to order for your wholesale venue on FoodByUs.

On average, the platform saves venues 10-15% on their entire food costs and the more categories venues order from, the bigger the savings tend to be.

What does that look like in terms of cash? Say your venue spends $20,000 per month on food supplies. You can then expect to be saving up to $2500 every single month, and that’s before factoring in even further savings from the hours of admin work that's no longer needed and their rebate program which gives back up to 3% of your total spend.

Save time

The customers are at the core of FoodByUs’ online platform. FoodByUs was built from the ground up as a software solution to tackle every time consuming frustration that a venue deals with on a daily basis.

To develop a clear idea of the real-life experience of working at a venue, FoodByUs continues to work alongside and use feedback from venue owners, chefs, sous chefs and even bookkeepers to make sure the platform exactly fits their needs.  

FoodByUs saves on average 15 hours a week for small venues and 40 hours a week for large venues. Hundreds of happy customers have reported that the extra time has allowed them to really focus on growing their business and get back time for leisure. 

Some of the tools offered by FoodByUs include:

Supply Aggregation
Pantry List
Automated Account Package Integration
Instant Issue Resolution
Powerful Reporting
Standing Orders
And more!

What do customers think?

Here’s what FoodByUs customer, Michael, has to say about his experience:

“Since using FoodByUs, I have been able to completely review all my COGS and save money on all my major items.

The all in one ordering system is so simple to use and the time savings I have made allowed me to put more time into working on my business in other areas.”


Chefs and Restaurant and food venue owners enjoy using FoodByUs



Supply Aggregation

Ordering from multiple suppliers is a key aspect of making sure you’re getting the best products at the best prices, but this is the part that can easily cause you a lot of headaches. Dealing with multiple suppliers means:

Multiple ways to contact and order

Each supplier may prefer either emails, apps, WhatsApp, fax, calling, or maybe some other option.

Have issues with your order? Missing items, poor quality or different weights to what you asked for? Get ready to jump around from channel to channel to deal with each of your  suppliers separately to resolve the problem

Different rules to follow

Every supplier has their own set of rules that you need to follow when making an order. This will include minimum order value, delivery days for your area and delivery fees to name a few.

See all your suppliers up to date information, SKUs and best prices, compare a range of top quality suppliers at a glance, and order from all of them in a single unified transaction. 

Pantry List

Chances are you're probably ordering the same items over and over again to cater for your set menu. Add all your standard items to the Pantry List feature to speed up your orders.

FoodByUs Pantry Feature helps you save time on re-ordering




Automated Account Package Integration

FoodByUs wants everyone at your venue to be happy - not just the owner and chefs, but your bookkeepers too. The team has sat down with countless bookkeepers to listen to their challenges and understand what a difficult job it is to completely be on top of all the cash flow.

The platform connects to various accounting software including Xero and MYOB so all invoices are sent automatically and instantly. No more manual data entry, and no more accidental mistakes. Each invoice shows exactly who the supplier was, and includes each SKU as a separate line item. 

Connect your Xero or MYOB account to FoodByUs for simple invoice management

Instant Issue Resolution 

Reality is: mistakes happen with orders. 

There aren't any solutions to this problem. Whether it’s damaged goods, low quality, inaccurate weights or missing items, mistakes and errors are inevitable in the wholesale food industry,

FoodByUs understands that it's impossible to avoid mistakes completely, but what they can do is make dealing with them easier and faster. You can report any issues instantly to get the refund you deserve. No more waiting around for suppliers to get back to you and being put on hold.

Have a problem with your wholesale food order? Sort it out quickly and easily with the FoodByUs Dashboard Order Resolution feature


Powerful Reporting

Ever wondered what you spend on food supplies broken up by category? Want to know if your suppliers change the pricing on their SKUs regularly? 

FoodByUs gives you real time access to graphical reports backed up by tabular data and the ability to export as an Excel or CSV file so you can blend it with our data sources. Now you can instantly get the exact information you need to find out if you're still reaching your target costs for your current menu with just the click of a button.

Get detailed reporting using FoodByUs' report tools


Standing Orders

Do you order the same or similar items from the same supplier on a regular basis? The Standing Orders feature makes it super easy to set up a recurring order that will ensure you never miss the supplier cut-off, whilst still giving you the flexibility to cancel the order or make any small changes prior to lodgement.

Standing Orders on FoodByUs


FoodByUs is committed to helping their customers reach their goals, give them back more time and make the day-to-day operations as smooth as can be. Start saving time and money using a one-stop-shop platform that understands your needs and preferences, for 100% free and zero credit applications required.

Browse or sign up for the platform now, just click here.



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