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15 June, 2021

Operating for over 20 years, FoodByUs supplier YCC Poultry is a family-run and operated business that has grown to become one of Sydney's most trusted Suppliers in the wholesale meat & poultry industry. Specialising in the distribution of chicken (poultry) products, they service school cafeterias, cafes, restaurants, pubs, clubs, caterer’s, and many more food establishments all throughout greater Sydney and NSW.

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YCC Poultry's commitment to understanding the customers' needs and providing exceptional quality control has been a major factor in their growth journey and is vouched for by many as the reason why they are a market leader within the meat and poultry industry. Their ability to remain competitively priced without ever compromising service is a credit to their 100 years of combined experience and hard working nature.



YCC Poultry in NSW supplies high-standard poultry, meat, game, seafood, small goods, and foodservice items to a wide range of customers such as cafés, restaurants, clubs, pubs, caterers, and schools.

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YCC has organically grown its business by building up a reputation of excellence and quality. Specialising in chicken, the business has evidently grown from one category to now several - from only poultry products to meat, game, small goods, and seafood. Their strong dedication to ensuring customer satisfaction and high quality products every single time explains their success today.


Run by a team of wholesale food and distribution experts who aim to deliver “quality with a difference,” the staff assist in the accuracy of delivery times (delivering before noon), payments, and excelling customer expectations with competitive pricing. 


(Peter Glinellis, General Manager)


The growth of YCC is evident in their consistent drive to provide the best produce, every single time. From 2 trucks to 32, 20 to 220 staff members, delivering over 35,000 chickens a day and delivering over 5 tonnes of bacon a week, the numbers speak for themselves. The days can be busy and stressful at YCC Poultry, but through consistency and great management, all orders are handled with care and precision.



Customers can choose from various chicken cuts including chicken breast, tenderloins, kebabs, drumstick, wing nibbles, and countless more. This wide variety is highly helpful for caterers who often place large quantity orders last-minute, or at a late hour of the day. YCC caters for their customers' various needs with late cut off times and is able to tend to these requests.

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Aside from cut options, customers are given a great selection, with their products ranging from frozen, pre-cooked, processed, organic, and free range. These come from an enviro-organic farm that produces organic whole birds. YCC guarantees that all products are hormone free, HACCP-certified and Halal-approved by the NSW Food Authority.




YCC’s operational facility is located in Bankstown, with a state of the art process and cold storage facility, as well as a boning and skinning room, portion control area, foodservice operation area and large refrigeration and freezing areas. They also run an extreme sanitation process to ensure cleanliness and quality of product, which includes after-hours steam cleans, de-grease and sanitising programs. Their facilities also include an on-site shop, with wholesale prices offered directly to the public.



Looking for a quality meat & poultry supplier in Sydney? YCC has over 20 years of experience within the food industry, excelling customer expectations and producing high quality products and services at competitive prices. They are a market leader for a reason - from schools and catering to fine dining, there are thousands of venues who vouch for their business.

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